Happy Birthday Ansel

Ansel Adams was born on this day on 1902. He wasn't the one who introduced me to photography but he was to one who motivated me to start learning and experimenting with black and white photography. He taught me that there's beauty beyond color and also that it is possible to express ourselves and our views … Continue reading Happy Birthday Ansel

Find someone who inspires you

After watching a video about Hiroshi Sugimoto I decided to go out and try to capture some seascapes in the same way that he did, after all sea and seascapes are quite abundant when you live on an island... I picked up my camera and my 35mm lens and went for a walk. Needless to … Continue reading Find someone who inspires you

365 Project – Part I

The idea of a 365 project has been on my mind even before my interest in photography. I like the concept of doing something small everyday that will result in something big in the long run. So, in January 1st 2017 I started a 365 photo project. It's not meant to be my best work, … Continue reading 365 Project – Part I

The dead tree

After watching the sunrise with my friends, as we climbed down the mountain and went back to our cars, I stopped by a tree. My friends commented: "Are you taking a photo of a dead tree?" The tree had been stripped down from its leaves but it was still there, staying firmly on the ground. … Continue reading The dead tree

Sunrise, sunrise…

I was looking through my photos to see which one would make the honours of opening up 2017 and it occurred to me that “the sunrise" would be a great analogy. I know that landscape photography is all about the golden hour, it’s about waking up early in the morning and catching those first rays … Continue reading Sunrise, sunrise…

The Carnival

Saturday night I went to watch the parade in the streets of Funchal. Carnival in Madeira isn't as glamorous as it is in Brazil, but we sure know how to throw a party. I took my camera and I was excited about shooting the hundreds of participants dancing in all sorts of weird, colorful clothing. … Continue reading The Carnival

Black & White Incursions

I love black & white photography. There is some kind of melancholy in a monochrome image that feels like a silent moment in a middle of the colour noise of the everyday world. A black & white photo is so simple and yet so subjective. I had started a project on Tumblr with only black … Continue reading Black & White Incursions

Broken String

Broken String

My guitar is just like me right now... there's something missing and neither of us can play our roles properly. We're both in our corner trying to ignore those evil voices that keep pointing out our flaws. There's no better image to illustrate the beginning of 2014: the new year is already broken and I'm … Continue reading Broken String


Welcoming 2014

Twelve cruise ships came to Funchal's bay to watch the fireworks and welcome 2014... It was an amazing eight minutes show. If you don't believe me, take a look:   - How did you welcome the new year? Have you written all of your new year's resolutions?

Christmas Crib

12 days of Christmas: day 12 – “The Christmas Crib”

So we reach the twelfth day of Christmas. This picture of the Nativity scene (I'm not sure what to call it in english) was shot during "Noite do mercado" - Market's Night - in my beloved island. This is a very special night for the "madeirenses" (the habitants of Madeira) and for tourists. The market's stalls … Continue reading 12 days of Christmas: day 12 – “The Christmas Crib”