365 Project – Part I

The idea of a 365 project has been on my mind even before my interest in photography. I like the concept of doing something small everyday that will result in something big in the long run. So, in January 1st 2017 I started a 365 photo project. It’s not meant to be my best work, but a way to help me improve my composition and develop my creativity. It doesn’t matter which camera I use, the important part is to capture an image everyday. The challenge will be to find a subject everyday because my life isn’t interesting enough to have awesome images day after day, in fact I spend most of my days sitting at the desk and often I work a lot more than 8 hours a day. So this project will be a way to force me to go out and look for interesting things to capture or to find beauty in the ordinary things that surround me everyday. I don’t know if I’ll be able to achieve the 365 photos, but so far I’m very happy with the first 31 shots. And if you’d like to follow my project or start your own one you can try this website: http://365project.org  It’s very simple and minimal, which means you don’t have too many things to distract you from your project. 


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