Sunrise, sunrise…

I was looking through my photos to see which one would make the honours of opening up 2017 and it occurred to me that “the sunrise” would be a great analogy.

I know that landscape photography is all about the golden hour, it’s about waking up early in the morning and catching those first rays light, but let’s be honest: I hate getting up early; it’s already painful during the weekdays when I have to go to work, that I can’t force myself to do it on weekends too.

Nevertheless, when my friends decided to join a tour to Madeira’s highest peak to watch the sunrise I told them to count me in and I can now say that is was really worth it.

The climb was a bit tougher than I expected. When we got to the top, the first rays of light were already on the horizon and as the sun rose up and lighted the landscape around us it became magical (if you pay close attention to the images, you’ll see the sun rising above the island of Porto Santo).

Anyway, in terms of photography what I learnt was to not be afraid to bump my ISO. Some shots would have come out with better/more details if I had just pushed that ISO a little bit more without being afraid of a little grain, plus I also discovered here that Lightroom has a noise reduction feature.

You can see more photos of this experience here:

What about you? Have you gotten up yearly to experience and capture the sunrise? What was it like? Feel free to share your experience  and tips in the comment section and add some of your images.


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