Coming back?

I want to share with you a curious story: I came here to delete my blog. With the new year I decided to delete some things that were in a halt and didn’t mean much to me anymore. And I did delete the posts one by one… But as I was doing this I realized that it was becoming painful.

This was my first blog, everything in it is real, it was felt and thought. It’s not the best content in the world and the photos are not magazine quality, but it’s me. Deleting it was like erasing a part of me. A part that was so important because this is how my interest in photography materialized. In here I showed my first photos, my first trials and errors. Through this blog I met people who still inspire me to this day.

So I can’t delete it. In fact I wish I could bring it back. I stopped because I was on a difficult job which left me free no time. It was actually so difficult that it left little of me free. I went through some very difficult times health wise and it took medication and doctor supervision to get better. But during those times photography kept me going and I tried to start other projects in order to keep the motivation high… Needless to say that I have abandoned almost all of them.

A lot has happened in three years. I think my photos have gotten a little bit better, I learnt a lot about post-processing in lightroom (although I’m not particularly happy with my current processing style), I experimented a lot. I traveled. I bought some books. I even changed my camera. So maybe I have some new content to bring to this blog, to give it some life and resume the one project that has given me so much motivation, so much fun and, curiously, so much love.

After three years maybe it’s time to come back.


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