A photography book for March: “Humans of New York”

If you are online at any time during your day chances are you’ve already heard about Brandon Stanton’s photo project “Humans of New York” . HONY

This photo blog became viral and has thousands of followers on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… you name it. In the beginning of 2014 this project got published in book that quickly became New York Time’s number one best seller. In fact, I tried purchasing it on Amazon and it was sold out.

Curiously, what drives me into H.O.N.Y is not the photography aspect but the quotes alongside the images that tell something about the story of the person Brandon is photographing.  He’s not only asking people to take their photo, but he’s also interested to know who they are, what life experiences are part of them, what are their fears, wishes and motivations. Plus, I also love the fact that Brandon had a project and carried it forward. The idea is not new – well, it’s getting harder and harder to come up with something totally new – but he made it different, he added his vision,  he persevered and he stood out.

Recently, Brandon was at “Chase Jarvis Live” telling more about his project and about himself. Take a look:

What ‘s your opinion about “Humans of New York”? Do you have a photography project of your own?


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