The photographer’s story: Meet Helen Boyd

To continue the series to share the stories of the photographer’s I’ve been getting to know online and whose work I admire, let me introduce you to Helen Boyd. Helen has a unique style and her portfolio holds some of my favorite landscape photos. Plus, she was kind enough to take some time to share her story and her passion with us. 

My name is Helen Boyd and I am a Landscape photographer living in the English Lake District. I have always been interested in Art and Photography but bought myself a film SLR about seven years ago, moving to digital about five years ago. I think it came naturally to photograph landscapes as I love the outdoors, being a keen walker and being out there in the Lake District and taking photos is just wonderful. My main influence has to be Ansel Adams, I have so many of his photography books and still look through them for inspiration, they are just so classic. His eye for tonal range and composition is unrivalled in my opinion – I just adore black & white photography, I love simple uncluttered images. I do sometimes find I shoot colour images, but they are very minimalist and clean almost monochromatic.BlueGrass

Salthouse-SkyI shoot with Nikon bodies, I currently have a full format D610 and a cropped sensor D7100, an assortment of Nikon zoom and prime lenses ranging from 10mm to 105mm, I never shoot longer that about 85mm so these lenses are great for my range. This year I really want to just get out and about and improve on my current skill set, I would love to try more long exposure and IR Infrared photography. But ideally this year is about getting out there and just making photographs and getting lots more experience, more practice. Photography is not my occupation, it is my passion and I think I would like to keep it like that, that is why my blog is entitled ‘Helen’s Journal’, it is a record of my progress and learning as a photographer. I hope there will always be something for me to learn, new ways to use my camera creatively. When I was a beginner I would read everything I could get my hands on:-  photography magazines, coffee table photography books, books about famous photographers. I just wanted to know everything and I was very, very eager and with lots of practice you do begin to progress. It is worth persevering, it is a wonderful medium.

As well as landscape photography I do also enjoy city breaks – I am a bit of an art junkie. My ambition is to photograph my way around Europe, having already travelled to and photographed these beautiful cities: London, New York, Prague, Paris, Nice, Amsterdam, Stockholm. I have several trips booked this year beginning with Reykjavik, Iceland in early spring, then I will be revisiting Paris and across the pond to New York again in September 2014.
Play-Misty-for-Me In-Your-Own-Time

I seriously recommend you check Helen’s blog because whenever I visit it I feel like I’m visiting an art gallery… It always gets me inspired! 


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