A photography book for January

Some experts say that if you want to learn photography you should start with a good photography book (and also go out and take pictures!).

I don’t know if my friends also know this but the truth is Christmas gifts were quite generous on photography books –  I went from owning none to owning four photography books. Now I just have to schedule a reading plan to finish reading  these four books but also read a couple more that are on my wishlist. I think one book a month is comfortable place to start.

So for January, if you haven’t read it yet, I would suggest “Langford’s Basic Photography: The Guide For Serious Photographers”

basic photography

I’ve already started reading it and so far I haven’t found it to be basic at all. The book covers the technical side of photography (how cameras, lenses, light and printing works) more than it’s artistic side (composition, textures, tones, lines…),  it’s a great mix between the theory and the practical aspects of photography both for digital and analog. 

You can order it on Amazon (with a slightly different cover).  Or to my fellow portuguese countrymen,  Fnac has a portuguese version of this book both in you’re local store and the online store, the drawback is that in portuguese we only have the fifth edition while the english version is on its ninth edition.


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