Nativity scene

Things I learned with the “Twelve days of Christmas project”

As I look back at the 12 photos I shared about Christmas I realize they could be better or they could be different.

Anyway I think I managed to achieve my goal with the project which was to learn:

1. Finding twelve things to shoot about Christmas wasn’t as easy as I thought It would be, especially since I’ve been working about 12 hours a day. But it left me thinking about a 365 project, how challenging it must be to shoot something every day.

2. Sometimes you spend some time preparing a picture but for one reason or another – light, background… – it doesn’t come out as you imagined it. (A little secret: I took a couple more that 12/13 pictures). Does this also happen to you?

3. Composition is key: you may have the perfect exposure, the perfect settings, but if you can’t capture it in the right angle you’re image won’t be strong enough.

4. How to reduce noise in Lightroom (thanks to some video tutorials!). Tim Grey explains in this video “Applying Noise Reduction” what is “noise” in digital photography and which tools does Lightroom have to help us reduce it.

5. Spot metering is great to not under or overexpose your subject in situations of high contrast.  Shame on me for not having used this feature before.  Advice to self: read the camera manual again and pay more attention this time.

The final conclusion… I finally got why every pro photographer tells you that if you want to learn photography you have to go out and shoot as much as you can. It’s really easy to stay home reading some photography books or watching some videos, the challenging part is when you pick up your camera and try to capture the moment. Practice and experience are after all the best teachers.

Go on and try a photography project, even if you don’t want to share it with anyone, it will challenge you and thus make you improve little by little.  If you are out of ideas, take a look at this Pinterest board, maybe it’ll inspire you to start.



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