Christmas Crib

12 days of Christmas: day 12 – “The Christmas Crib”

So we reach the twelfth day of Christmas.

This picture of the Nativity scene (I’m not sure what to call it in english) was shot during “Noite do mercado” – Market’s Night – in my beloved island.

Christmas Crib

This is a very special night for the “madeirenses” (the habitants of Madeira) and for tourists. The market’s stalls are brought out to the streets and everybody, from different parts of the island, goes downtown to buy the latest flowers, fruits and groceries. It’s one of our most interesting traditions, but the city of Funchal gets way too crowded. Taking pictures becomes almost as impossible as walking. But if you do considering visiting Madeira, please consider the Christmas and New Year season because we are the best at celebrating this time of the year.


Nativity scene

Have a truly merry Christmas sharing laughs, stories, presents around the lights of the Christmas tree or around the table filled with good food.






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