portrait of a kiss

Portrait of a Kiss

I’ve been wondering about when do we stop being ourselves and become this thing molded by society…

When do we trigger the button to start thinking between right and wrong; to run to a job that takes almost all our day just to make us feel miserable; to stop dreaming because we are too tired to dream?… When do we start to loose ourselves to   plans, rules and obligations?

Thats not how life starts. In the beggining we are awesome; we dream, we share our dreams and we stand up to them because we truly believe they will come true; we are not afraid to sing, dance, jump, laugh… in fact that’s where we find happiness; we say what we are thinking with the same authenticity as we kiss a friend; it doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short, fat or slim, as long as we can play together.

portrait of a kiss

Portrait of a kiss


2 thoughts on “Portrait of a Kiss

  1. nfrodrigues says:

    Thank you very much Hans. You have some very good portraits in black&white. I really like your blog and your photography. Keep sharing your world with us.

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