Signs of Autumn

Autumn has finally arrived! And you know what? He’s late, Summer apparently insisted on staying for a little longer.

I think he finally realized that only him can provide the barefoot walks on the beach, the laughs under the moonlight with friends. Only he goes well with a Caipirinha Cocktail in the warmth of the nine p.m. sunset.

Autumn is jealous. He’s cold, wet and the sun abandons him at six p.m. He takes the beauty of the trees and the flowers. He makes the birds leave to warmer shores. He gets us back to the heavy boots and to the restraint of the jackets. He brings the back to school and the back to work time, leaving only memories of the warmer, funny days.

But what Autumn doesn’t know is that he’s the one that brings change. He’s the starting point for remodeling in nature. If it wasn’t for him nothing new would be growing in Spring. Only him can cover the citiesand the mountains with the gold of the falling leaves. Only his cloudy skies can make the sunset more beautiful. Only his rain can provide reflections on the ground. What Autumn doesn’t know is that only with him can we share a hot chocolate. Only with him can we enjoy the comfort and warmth of the blanket lying forgotten in the couch. Only he fills the air with the smell of roasted chestnuts.

Autumn, welcome back!DSC_0116


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