Seven photography articles to start the week

I have a big problem with lazyness and procrastination: I make plans, I write list of goals, I mindmap my dreams but when the time comes I keep pushing the opportunity further away from me. (I don’t remember being like this when I was growing up!)

This has been happening specially with my learning and my reading time, I always find something more interesting to do and this is why I get stuck and discouraged.

But if I want to improve at something I have to commit to it! So this week I decided that I shall read one photography article a day. It shouldn’t take more that 5/10 mins a day and by the end of the week I will certainly be a little bit more wise.

    1. 1. Expose to the right: the camera technique every landscape photographer must know
    2. 2. How to get better digital photos in low light conditions without using a flash
    3. 3. 9 essential portrait photography tips the professional studios don't want you to know
    4. 4. Ten fall color photo tips
    5. 5.  Don't take boring photos: 13 tips for street photographer from Tony Ray-Jones
    6. 6. Artistic comparison - Elements of nature and photography
    7. 7. White balance, what is it, how to use it? 

If you’d like to join the challenge please share your thoughts and opinions on the articles and be welcome to share your own.



6 thoughts on “Seven photography articles to start the week

    • nfrodrigues says:

      Hi Kelvin! So what did you think of the article? Ready to read the second one with me today? On other note, I stopped by your blog and you website. Great portraits you have there!

      • kelbpics says:

        Hey Nadia! Yesterday’s article was good. I’ve been guilty of underexposing while shooting in RAW & I never really considered the noise that is hidden in the shadows. I’ll definitely keep this info in mind during my next shoot! What are your thoughts? I’ll be reading today’s article in a bit 😉 Oh & thanks for checking out my site! Do you have any links to more of your work?

      • nfrodrigues says:

        When I look at a histogram, I tend to think middle is good, but as I’ve been learning with lightroom, this isn’t an exact truth. About my work, I have a very small “portfolio”, I only started to pay more attention into photography since March/April 2013, so this blog is meant to be my sort of learning journal. I also want to share articles, videos, ebooks, other websites and blogs that are a learning and/or an inspiration source.

  1. nfrodrigues says:

    Hello Kelvin. That’s good news. For me day 3 was the most educational, I even wrote down some tips so I could try on my own.
    I’m going to read your article now, it seems there’s at least two resources that I didn’t know about.
    Thanks for sticking around! 😉

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