The path of a levada

The path of the levadaA levada is an irrigation channel built to take the water from the north side of the island to the south. A levada walk is not only a healthy activity but it allows us to travel through the history of the island. Levadas started being built in the sixteenth century and a lot of them cross through tunnels dug in the montains. Some of them are carved in the verge of the mountain, one misstep and you can find yourself falling a couple hundred meters. Others are a enjoyable a easy hike that ends up in the source of the stream or in a small lagoon deep within the island with nothing but rock and green around you.


2 thoughts on “The path of a levada

  1. nfrodrigues says:

    Yes, Mary. Some levadas are great way for being in touch with yourself. Others, on the other hand, present quite a challenge and you have to be very carefull.

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