bookeh trials

Bookeh trials


A few years ago I had an HTC phone that had a “bookeh wallpaper”. Needless to say I fell in love with it. I always wondered how could anyone do that with a camera, to just shoot the lights. Recently I got a new phone so I decided to make my own wallpaper. Turns out that with manual focus it isn’t that hard to achieve the desired effect. The worst part was getting a cold after being in the balcony for a while to try to capture different perspectives and different blurs. Next time, though, I have to use a tripod, it will allow me longer exposures and to lower my ISO. Anyway, I enjoyed the experience and I realized that I need to set myself some challenges so that I can search, see other people’s work, try and learn. Yes, i need to learn and practice more often!


4 thoughts on “Bookeh trials

      • bmyshot says:

        Well photography can be lots of fun if confronted with lots of patience and love. Wish you all the best with your photography!

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