I’m a proud owner of a Fuji X100s

In a time when every photography related news site, blog, podcats, YouTube channel is talking about the Fuji X100f why am I so happy with the old X100s? The background story I have been drooling over the Fuji X100 cameras since I got interested in photography. At that time (2013) the Fuji X100 was being … Continue reading I’m a proud owner of a Fuji X100s

Happy Birthday Ansel

Ansel Adams was born on this day on 1902. He wasn't the one who introduced me to photography but he was to one who motivated me to start learning and experimenting with black and white photography. He taught me that there's beauty beyond color and also that it is possible to express ourselves and our views … Continue reading Happy Birthday Ansel

Find someone who inspires you

After watching a video about Hiroshi Sugimoto I decided to go out and try to capture some seascapes in the same way that he did, after all sea and seascapes are quite abundant when you live on an island... I picked up my camera and my 35mm lens and went for a walk. Needless to … Continue reading Find someone who inspires you

365 Project – Part I

The idea of a 365 project has been on my mind even before my interest in photography. I like the concept of doing something small everyday that will result in something big in the long run. So, in January 1st 2017 I started a 365 photo project. It's not meant to be my best work, … Continue reading 365 Project – Part I

25 things I have learned about photography in the last three years

As I mentioned in post about coming back, a lot of things have changed in the course of these last three years, not only in my personal life, but also in my photography. All the trials and errors have allowed me to learn a couple of simple things about photography: A better camera doesn't mean … Continue reading 25 things I have learned about photography in the last three years

The dead tree

After watching the sunrise with my friends, as we climbed down the mountain and went back to our cars, I stopped by a tree. My friends commented: "Are you taking a photo of a dead tree?" The tree had been stripped down from its leaves but it was still there, staying firmly on the ground. … Continue reading The dead tree

The most important component

After publishing my previous post I remembered a Youtube series that I usually watch which reinforces the idea that the camera is just a tool; what really matters is who's pressing the shutter. I'm talking about the "Pro photographer, cheap camera challenge" on DigitalRev TV's channel. I'm not a particular fan of this channel because … Continue reading The most important component

The camera, the photograph and the post-production

I had a post planned for today, but WordPress has changed my plans; more precisely this post by Leanne Cole. She talks about how much credit people give to the camera instead of the photographer. Quite often people think that because you have a big camera or the latest and greatest gear you’ll take great … Continue reading The camera, the photograph and the post-production

Sunrise, sunrise…

I was looking through my photos to see which one would make the honours of opening up 2017 and it occurred to me that “the sunrise" would be a great analogy. I know that landscape photography is all about the golden hour, it’s about waking up early in the morning and catching those first rays … Continue reading Sunrise, sunrise…

Coming back?

I want to share with you a curious story: I came here to delete my blog. With the new year I decided to delete some things that were in a halt and didn't mean much to me anymore. And I did delete the posts one by one... But as I was doing this I realized that … Continue reading Coming back?